LGTS - LaBrilliant Global Technology Services

We are a cloud first technology company serving clients from USA, France, Germany, Australia, United Kingdom and more.

Vision and Mission

At LaBrilliant Global Technology Services our Mission is to help companies understand & integrate new technologies to streamline business processes.

Our Vision is to incubate a business built on key principles which value Integrity, Unity, Dependability and Ingenuity. We are a co-op i.e. managed for and by employee’s and have a flat company structure.

Phone: +91 9080314481

Managed Application and Web Hosting

We offer Managed WordPress/Custom Application hosting at attractive prices. Reliable hosting with priority support. We…

Web Application Development

Developing good web application is not easy but we are here to assist you. Key points We use the following stack for…

Mobile Application Development

Custom mobile application development services to bring your idea to reality. Key points We use the following stack for…

Containerized Workloads and Virtual Machines

Containerizing workloads can bring huge benifits to your organisation. Key points Improved sandboxing of application…

Performance Analysis and Debugging

Performance can be uplifted by optimizing the code and applying some unique solutions to problems. Performance Tuning…

Cloud Consulting

Migrate to Cloud - Personalized cloud based solutions From On Premise Infrastructure to Cloud optimized Systems…


We strive to be dependable, trustworthy extended team for your organisation.


We are a tech cooperative, based in Chennai, India.


We have a globally available team. Currently working from India, Australia and the US